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General Meeting Minutes


Posted on October 7, 2015 at 11:45 AM



SEPTEMBER 10, 2015


Executive Officers                                                 Directors                                    Election Committee


P President – John Scaduto                       P Donald Sacco                               P Dave Hugus

P Vice-President – Bob Lough                  P Louis Rothenstein                         P Donald Sacco

A Secretary – Tina Sansouci                      P Calvin Haggen                              P Richard Walker

A Asst. Secretary – Tom Walls                   P Neil Johnson

P Treasurer – Anthony Pinkard                A Mitchell Roach                                P Richard Walker – Chaplain

A Sgt.-At-Arms – Paul Scott                        P State Delegate – Dan Bounds    A State Delegate Alternate – Richard Keirn


1) Opening

a) Salute to the Colors By Lance Ryness

b) Prayer By Richard Walker


2) Roll Call of Officers By President Scaduto


3) Introduction of Guests: Michael's Angels Paws-Service Dogs, Stephanie Herkon-trainer; Noel and Nick Starks and dog Ace; John Edwards and dog Maggie; VFW-Rick Smith-One Hero at a Time Fish Fry Fund Raiser; Terry Burke-Sam's Club Community Events Coordinator; Daniel Peterson; Dennis Machala; Rick Sword; William Reed; and Allen Roller. Andrew LeDuc from Chapter 17, part of our Agent Orange Council.

4) Secretary’s Report

a) Motion made by Bob Lough

b) Seconded by Neil Johnson

c) Accepted as is.


5) Financial Report

a) Balance $19,713.05

b) Deposits $1,160.00

c) Expenditures $7,726.24

d) Totals $20,873.05

e) Ending Balance $13,146.81

f) Motion made by Bob Lough

g) Seconded by Dan Bounds

h) Passed as is.


6) Committees:

a) Agent Orange: I explained finalization of letterhead, business cards, banner and shirts. Neil updated on the meeting invitation by American Legion 2nd District Commander Joel Forman to speak on Agent Orange. Both Neil and Andy Leduc, Chapter 17, attended. All District 2 commanders were present making it a very positive connection. While at the post they were able to do two more presentations. DAV and Women’s Auxiliary.

b) Benevolence/Cemetery: Don indicated there were two funerals. Army and Navy.

c) Budget: Motion by Bob Lough to accept and second by Sterling Taylor. Motion passed.

d) Fundraising: Verified Albertsons 25th-27th, 9:00 to 5:00. Looking for a second store.

e) By-Laws: No comments from David at this time.

f) Gun Shows: Neil short update on the recent South Point Gun Show.

g) Election: David updated our election status for 2016. Feb of 2015 the Board voted two year term limits for the Vice-President and President. Both Bob Lough and John Scaduto are eligible for a second term in April 2016.

h) Historian: I have been organizing pictures and need to send out forms for members to submit pictures and bio.

i) Membership: Tom Walls still recovering. John requesting an assistant secretary.

j) Parade: Eugene Palmer not present. May be doing Veterans Day Parade Nov 11th. Chapter 17 trailer available. Liability form needed.

k) Public Affairs: Bob reminded us we have the Ho Olaule A Festival this weekend.

l) Special Events: Bob mentioned that Robert Serge had talked about the possibility of doing an event called Nam Jam. An event done in Arizona.

m) State Delegate: Dan has finished the requirements for running for a State Council position and is going to run. Next meeting will be in Tonopah.


7) Old Business

a) Update by Don Sacco on Chapter Activities Fund.

b) Status of purchasing underwear/socks for distribution at Veterans Service Fair on Wednesday, Oct 7. This is what we are giving away. Socks only.

c) Plans for Vietnam Veteran’s Day/Nam Jam 2016. Robert Serge investigating.

d) Joint Christmas Party will be with DAV and Purple Heart. Sunset Station

e) Other old business


8) New Business:

a) Volunteer protocol at fundraisers/events. Protocol list has been made but has not been reviewed by the Board. Slacks with the appropriate top should be worn.

b) Shriner’s Golf Tournament, Summerlin, October 17-25, 2015. We have 200 tickets at $30.00 each. Flyer to be sent out to the members. Tickets explained by Col. Olds. VP Bob Lough in charge.

c) VVA National committees we should have at the Chapter level. We should have subject matter experts in all major areas that affect veterans. Certification of some members as Veteran Advocates through the NDVS. (Lou)

d) Other new business. Donated Bronze Eagle to be raffled off for Agent Orange

Funds. 1 ticket for $5.00, 5 tickets for $20.00. Drawing Jan 9th, 2016, at Chapter 17.


9) Announcements

a) Reminder of 25th Annual Ho'olaule'a Festival September 12 & 13, 2015.

b) One Hero at a Time Car Wash on October 10, 2015, at the American Legion Post 40, 425 East Van Wagenen Street, Henderson.

c) Pizza Party at the Veteran’s Home in Boulder City, Wednesday, September 16, 2015 at 2:00pm

d) American Legion Post 40 Filling out Claims Oct 9th.

e) Rick Smith, VFW Post 3848, One Hero at a Time Fish Fry Fund Raiser Oct 3rd, cost is $10.00.

f) One Hero at a Time, Oct 17th at Jokers Wild. Noon till 10:00 pm. Headling: The Fab.

g) Greaser's VFW Car Show, November 14th. Hoover Hotel.

h) Hat passed. $195.00.

i) Raffle winner Tony Pinkard. Turned his share back to the chapter.


10) Salute to the Colors by Lance Ryness


11) Meeting adjourned at 8:36 pm.




Submitted by Fred Hagenbeek for

Christine Sansouci




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