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General Meeting Minutes

General Meeting Minutes


Posted on September 8, 2015 at 1:00 PM



JULY 9, 2015

[[Executive Officers Directors Election Committee


□ President – John Scaduto □ Donald Sacco □ Dave Hugus

□ Vice-President – Bob Lough □ Louis Rothenstein □ Donald Sacco

□ Secretary – Tina Sansouci □ Calvin Haggen □ Richard Walker

□ Asst. Secretary – Tom Walls □ Neil Johnson

□ Treasurer – Tony Pinkard □ Mitch Roach □ Chaplain : R. Walker

□ Sgt.-At-Arms – Paul Scott □ State Delegate: Dan Bounds □ State Alternate: Richard Keirn


Opening Ceremonies:


Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Salute to the Colors by Sgt.-at-Arms Paul Scott.

Prayer given by Robert Walker.

Roll Call of Officers:




John Scaduto

Bob Lough

Tina Sansouci

Tony Pinkard

Paul Scott

Donald Sacco

Louis Rothenstein

Cal Haggen

Neil Johnson

Mitch Roach

Dan Bounds



Tom Walls


Guests: Andy LeDuc and Don Leckburg from VVA Chapter 17. Richard Shear, USMC, Vietnam 1965-1966.

Financial Report


Balance $18,114.34

Deposits $ 1,536.00

Expenditures $ 4,656.52

Totals $ 19,650.34

Ending Balance $ 14,993.82


Motion made by Bob Lough to accept the Financial Report.

Motion to accept seconded by Paul Scott.

Financial Report accepted and passed as presented.



Agent Orange: Fred Hagenbeek, Chair; Pat Sakurai; Neil Johnson: Neil Johnson reported they met with Chapter 17. Chapter 1076 will be sharing information with other veterans who are interested in Agent Orange. Kickoff meeting in September at Chapter 17 and another at Chapter 1076 a couple weeks later.

Chapter 1076 to be actively involved with sharing AO information at gun shows and fundraisers. Committee goals: (1) A seminar type presentation where information will be available on Agent Orange that concern the veterans; (2) Having direct information we can share with our members and other veterans; (3) A broad list of topics readily available for information; (4) People the veteran can talk to regarding filing claims; and, (5) Actual forms the veteran can take home and complete.


Benevolence/Cemetery: Don Sacco, Chair; Ken Vieth; Tom Walls; Dixie Thompson: Don Sacco reported there was one burial this morning at the Veteran’s Cemetery. He requested help with conducting the services. Don reminded the membership that services at the Veteran’s Cemetery are every Thursday morning at 8:30 a.m.


Budget: David Hugus, Chair; Anthony Pinkard; Cal Haggen:

Ice Cream Social at Veteran’s Home – Originally budgeted $100.00; actual cost $75.00.

Thank-a-Vet – Female veteran assisted with her current rent in the amount of $925.00 as approved by the Board of Director’s at their last meeting.

Expenses of $64.84 for Bob Serge’s hard drive; $275.00 allocated for Dan Bounds for travel expenses and the actual cost was $240.97.

Need membership vote for rehabilitation cruise for a veteran and his/her spouse budgeted for in October. Lou is associated with Special Forces Company who sponsors these cruises. Cruise is generally for amputee veterans that are recovering from wounds incurred in Afghanistan or Iraq. Cost is $2,580.00. Discussion followed regarding the rehabilitation cruise.

Robert Walker made motion to accept the budget and Tony Pinkard seconded the motion. Motion to approve passed and budget approved as presented.


Fundraising: Jack Constantine, Chair; Daniel Bounds; Eugene Palmer:

Jack Constantine: Fundraisers to be held July 17-19, 2015 at (1) Vons at Anthem Village and Eastern and at (2) Haggen’s on Anthem Parkway and Bicentennial. Hours for fundraiser are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

In September, fundraiser locations are: (1) Haggen’s on College Avenue and Horizon and (2) Haggen’s on Boulder Highway and Lake Mead Parkway.

Possibility of Bass Pro Shop later in the year.


By-Laws: David Hugus, Chair: Nothing to report.


Gun Shows: Neil Johnson, Chair; Lance Ryness; Al Lopez; Fred Hagenbeek:

Upcoming gun shows:

August 1-2: Western Trails Gun & Knife Show, Henderson Convention Center.

2) August 29-30, Crossroads of the West Gun show at the Cashman Center.

3) September 5-6, Rocky Mountain Gun Show, South Point.


Election: David Hugus, Chair; Don Sacco; Richard Walker: Nothing to report as next elections are not until April 2016. Will not start planning for next year’s elections until September.


Historian: Fred Hagenbeek, Chair; Louis Rothenstein: Fred has been sorting through pictures and trying to arrange them in groups.


Membership: Tom Walls, Chair; Don Sacco; Daniel Bounds: Tom Walls is not going to be able to continue as the Assistant Secretary/Membership Chairman due to his health.


Parade: Eugene Palmer, Chair; Cal Haggen; Jack Constantine: The Heritage Parade in April 2016. Eugene will register Chapter 1076 for that in October. Not going to do the St. Patrick’s Day parade next year.

Chapter 1076 to participate in the Veterans Day Parade in November. Eugene will get all the information on the Veterans Day Parade prior to registering us. Also, there is a Winter Fest Parade in Henderson in December.

Transportation - He has contacted Mercedes dealership and will meet with the Manager to try to arrange transportation. Vehicles are for members who cannot walk.


Special Events/Public Affairs: Bob Lough, Chair:

Pacific Island Festival on September 12-13 from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Col Olds got us a free invite last year. It is recommended we participate again this year.

Veteran’s Center has Wellness Management scheduled for July 23; Physical Fitness scheduled for August 8 and Employment scheduled for both August 27 and September 5.

Mother Hubbard’s Cupboards Food Pantry will be distributing food bags on July 17. We need to let them know if we have anyone who is in need of a food bag.

If people have information on things the Chapter is doing to help people, let Bob know so he can get it distributed to the media.

Vietnam Veteran’s Day, March 2016: We need to start planning for it. Pat Sakurai stepped down as planner.


State Delegate Daniel Bounds, Chair; Richard Keirn

Tonopah meeting. Neil Johnson and Dan Bounds attended. Special elections for Sgt-of-Arms and Secretary. Dan defeated by one vote for Secretary. Bob Lough on the ballot for Sgt-of-Arms and he was defeated by two votes. Next State meeting is in October and after that in February.

Reno – Pre-convention meeting to the National meeting being held next week. It is not worth it to go to this meeting. They focused on resolutions and amendments that are going to be presented on the floor at the National Convention. National’s agenda is Agent Orange. The bills S901 and HB1769 are two bills before Congress and Senate right now. VVA is encouraging membership to contact your legislators and encourage them to vote for these bills.

Old Business:


Update on ICE information. (Paul Scott): Chapter 1076 has received 42 replies from the 108 members we have. Survey will continue to be e-mailed to members who have not sent in their information as well as the form being set out at each meeting.


Life After Active Duty. (Dave Hugus): Lou and Dave are supporting the Fashion Show at Town Square this Saturday, July 11, 2015 starting at 7:00.


NVAL Ice Cream Social at Veterans Home July 8, 2015, at 2:00 p.m. It was another successful event. The staff at the Veteran’s Home would like to have us host another ice cream social.


Donations needed to repair Chapter 1076’s flatbed trailer: Lance Ryness stated that after careful inspection, there is too much wrong with the flatbed trailer and it is not worth fixing. Estimated cost to repair is approximately $1500.00. New trailer would cost $1900.00. Bob Lough made a motion not to repair the trailer. Lance Ryness seconded the motion. Motion voted on by membership and was passed. Trailer will not be repaired.


Veterans Service Fair, Wednesday, October 7. (Status of purchasing underwear/socks for distribution at Veteran Stand-down.) (Mitch Roach): Neil Johnson will not have information on prices for another two weeks. He will have more information at the August Board meeting. Neil is also waiting for the Manager from Wal-Mart at Boulder Highway and Lake Mead Parkway to get information to him. It would require a special order be made but he may get a 10 pack for $1.05 a pack. John Scaduto mentioned Goodwill has a price of $2.99 for 6 pairs of socks. Veterans Service Fair is in need of hangers to display clothing. Organizers are looking for volunteers at the Service Fair.


Update on Chapter Activities Fund: Don Sacco stated our Chapter Donation Box had $880.50.

New Business:


Reimburse Robert Serge $64.84 for hard drive for blog. Reimburse Dan Bounds $240.97 for travel expenses to attend State meeting. Membership voted and approved above reimbursements. (Dave Hugus): If you purchase from Amazon, logon via and select your charity. They send one-half of a percent of your purchases. Thank-a-Vet is on the list.


Other new business:





Col. Olds reminded the membership of graduation ceremonies for the Veteran’s Treatment Court on July 16, 2015. He requested members who are available to come and support Tom Walls.

Paul Scott has acquired a new printer and monitor for Chapter 1076’s computer.

Lance Ryness requested old fishing poles so he can use them to put the U.S. flag on wheelchairs. He has had requests for the flags on poles at the various gun shows.

John Scaduto mentioned he can get 4 folding tables for $25.00 each. Motion made by Bob Lough and seconded to buy 4 folding tables for $100.00. Motion voted on by membership and passed.

Bob Lough – Big 5 Store has 10x10 Stars and Stripes canopy for sale for $69.00. Motion was made by Bob Lough and seconded by Chad Avery for the Chapter to purchase two of these canopies for use at fundraisers and other events. Motion voted on by membership and passed. Funds to be taken from Chapter Activities Fund.

Request for Assistant Secretary to replace Tom Walls made by John Scaduto.

Lou Rothenstein provided raffle tickets for the rehabilitation cruise. Prize is a $10,000 Harley-Davidson Special Forces one-of-a-kind motorcycle. Tickets are $5.00 each or 6 for $20.

Fred Hagenbeek mentioned the Agent Orange Committee is hoping to have a raffle at our next meeting to fund Agent Orange literature.

Joaquin Medina discussed the information regarding Blue Water Navy and



Chad Avery informed the Chapter of various restaurants that offered military discounts: Claim Jumpers – 15%; Sonoma Cellars at Sunset Station - 20%; Freddie’s – 10%. Membership was reminded to check and ask for military discounts among local retailers.

Don Sacco mentioned that on August 1 there will be Purple Heart ceremony at the cemetery.

50/50 Raffle: The total for the 50/50 Raffle was $110.00. Jack Constantine was the winner of $55.00

Salute to the Colors by Sgt.-at-Arms Paul Scott.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Christine Sansouci





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